Our Products

WaitingMed is an electronic platform for automated and personalized connectivity, designed to ensure effective communication between patients and those offering health care services.


WaitingMed facilitates the process of requesting and confirming medical appointments. You can interact with your medical office, call back, request transportation or monitor your turn at the waiting room from your own cell phone.

Some of the functionalities include:

  •  Request appointments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access to priority appointments, facilitating expedite services.
  • Access to relevant and actionable information about medical appointments.
  • Request UBER Health transportation when necessary, assuring attendance to the appointment.
  • Monitor your turn on your cell phone or through a screen at the waiting room area which gives you the flexibility to move out of the office until your turn is up!

Healthcare Service Providers

WaitingMed significantly improves the workflow of medical practices and the patient experience.

This is achieved through reduction of appointments confirmation calls, no-shows and interruptions to receptionists, among others. In addition, patients can receive specific instructions prior to the encounter and can even coordinate transportation!

Some of the functionalities include:

  •  Automated appointments confirmation by text, phone and email
  • Request UBER Health transportation for the patient
  • Kiosk for self-registration
  • Display waiting lists through monitor and patient cell phone
  •  Create health and education campaigns
  • Analytical reports to measure results
  • Priority appointments offering
  • Historical log of communication with the patient

Waitingmed PatientCare simplifies the process of closing gaps-in-care, facilitating compliance with the "Stars metrics" in a simple way and with proven short term results.

Healthcare Providers, Medical Groups and Payers

Contacting patients to attend their appointments (HRA), perform the required tests in the established time frame (chronic conditions), obtaining feedback about collection and properly use of medications (adherences), ensure visits to the primary doctor after hospitalization (discharges) and manage education campaigns, are some of the functionalities available on WaitingMed PatientCare.


  • Load patient gaps from payers in a variety of formats
  • Health and educational campaigns
  • Management of campaigns by generating thousands of calls or SMS per minute with personalized messages, including patient acknowledgements
  • Unalterable patient interactions history (audit trail log)
  • Campaign results analytics
  • Interface with electronic medical record systems for data exchange and update